How to choose a hosting service. What hosting to choose?

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Imagine that you are after a long labor and creative torment finally put your site on one of the servers, checked all the links and banners set … You often have to drop visitors, there are constants. And begin to emerge rather unpleasant details of the server does not want to work around the clock, and not everyone can get to you, and besides, communication is poor, and the server always fails. What to do? Move to another server? But this is to do the job again, change links, report a service banner of moving … There is a lot of problems!

So the choice of host (ie, the placement of your site) should be approached with the utmost seriousness. It must take into account several important parameters:

the speed of the server. Slow server will not only slow down your work with it, but when you view the page loads. And very slow server can simply “kill” your site pages load several times slower than it should be (this is especially noticeable when the pages of a lot of graphics and animation)
way to boot the server. There are several ways: via HTTP, FTP or E-MAIL (rare). Very fast, convenient and reliable way – via FTP (c use of the same ftp-client).
possibility of placing CGI, SSI and other scripts running on the server. Now it seems to you that you do it just for anything, especially since you probably do not know what it is :-) ) But I assure you, after a few months they’ll definitely need (if you want to put on your site questionnaires, surveys, any more bells and whistles … Generally these cute things very ease your life.) And many types of banners want a server to support CGI, and this is more important than any poll Learn more about Hosting Service.
while the server. Some of them are working around the clock. Imagine a situation where at the height of the file upload to the server you are told that access is no more! All of your work is in vain. But that’s not all – after all, your users can not access your site, because the server is “Closed for lunch!” Of course, these servers are switched off at night only, but then, to be honest, many of us wander in the network is at night :-) ) Moreover, it should take into account the time zone difference
reliability of the server. Very many of the free servers (and while we’re only talking about free) does not hold water! There are some monsters that punctually fail almost every day!
location of the server (physical). The quality of communication in our country is not too high, you know. Therefore, a very large effect on the rate has a remote server. So, if you make a site for the Russian reader, choose a place here, closer. Well, if your site is designed to burzhuinov – look for free server out there in burzhuinstve :-) )
Many servers are very fond of inserting advertisements in our sites. Only some do not, others do it delicately, is a minimum, but there are also less modest. That’s so we do not go