How to create a flash game

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Set on a computer game designer. With intuitive menus perform all subsequent steps to install the software: choose the path for the installation, we agree with the rules of the license agreement, register on the manufacturer’s website and download the required updates.

Run the program to create fleesh games. Enable the “Settings” tab and choose readable language. In many programs, the default English.

Open the template games. They are categorized by genres – arcade, shooters, puzzle games and many more. Select the target and activate it by double-clicking. Learn more at

Drag the template to open items in “static objects” and “Animation objects.” Create a background, choose a color and texture. With the color palette to pick up objects.

Check with the player animations, which features not yet enabled. Add them. Set to desired levels of movement of the character, such as arcade games, or objects into logical games.

Start the debugger. This mode allows you to play the game at any level, to verify it works. Fix any errors, and then test the game. Save the changes.

Come up with an original name for a flash game. Write a brief summary of it. Make a splash early on with the constructor screensavers. Save the changes by activating the button Save.