How to write an article in 20 minutes

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How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes – this is the name the original article posted on the famous Jim Estillom Copyblogger’e. The author gives practical advice to readers how to best spend your time writing a blog post. While I’m ranting? A picture is worth a thousand words. I present to you the author’s translation of the article. Narrated in the first person. Hopefully, you will not be confused.

Believe it or not, writing an article the size of 400-500 words takes me only 20 minutes. In this article (which I’ve also written over 20 minutes) explained some of the techniques I use to achieve this goal.

Blogging makes me a daily deadline, and spend a day blogging for more than 20 minutes, I want to. Many of my blog posts is much less than 500 words, and accordingly, they take much less time.

Blogging has made me think seriously about how to learn to write fast (optimize the time of writing). So, here are 8 points that allow you to write an article in 20 minutes, maybe less.

I start with a list of ideas and concepts, which I want to write. As a rule, I painted the these ideas point by point. And do it the old fashioned way – pen on a piece of paper.
Often for several days I “hatched” article (it is not included in the 20 minutes). Then, in a draft I start to paint some of the key ideas, and after a while I throw this idea. But the idea swirling in my head, and always comes to mind is something new that I can add to your list. Of course, it needs to be worn with a notebook. Learn more about Wiki Talks articles.
Often I have to significantly reduce the initial list of ideas. Sometimes they do not fit the theme of articles, sometimes do not tally with other ideas. In general, do not have to sacrifice one point to write a good article.
Never save a good idea. When I know that I would have to quickly write some articles, it is tempting to save anything for the future. Do not be. New ideas always come to mind, and they will undoubtedly be better than the previous.
Learn to quickly adjust to writing articles. One way I’m doing it – “warm up fight.” I sit down and write about something for 5 minutes. It helps to tune in subsequent work. Another way is to tune in while walking, jogging or biking (although sometimes I think it’s just a way to gain time and postpone the work). You can also come up with a game type to argue with myself, that this article is written by a certain time. Maybe all this is obvious, but for my self-motivation could not be better.
Go back to this later. My best articles were written in parts. I spent the same 20 minutes. Only for 5-7 minutes at a time. Though of course, if I catch the idea, then go on to write more.
I practice such a thing as working on 3.4 articles simultaneously. Popish 5 minutes on one, 7 – on the other, and so on. I really poured into the flow, it works well.
Another way – is to use the previously written list in the article, as you can see in this example. People like this way of conveying information, and I’m so much easier to write.

One might ask if I can write so fast, why do not I write a few articles a day? Omitting the fact that I work full-time, I want to note that the writing itself – the easy part, so find ideas – it is much more difficult.