No one in the world will not get rich from selling music. Interview with Kirov

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Kirov – the reincarnation of the project “The Same But 100 Times Better”, St. Petersburg post-rock band which lasted only a year. As a result of staff changes in time to take part TSB100TB many concerts there were session musicians for the evening.

In Kirov, seems to be much less mobile, well-played and well-assembled structure. Of post-rock, which over the last six months, much of the public lost interest, the group moved to the variations on the theme of prog and art rock – but look at the structure of Compound band’s songs are not worth it.

Before the release of EP “Differences” musical portal spoke with guitarist Andrei Vasilyev:

In Mod’e you present a new maxi-single?

Yes, it will release four songs, two of which are fully electronic.

And tell me how to write new material, well, some mikrobiografiyu songs?

Those that are recorded in electricity, we have come up somewhere in the late spring and have already played them in concert. About the time we realized that all of the substrate, we can do ourselves – we have this great job Peter. Then it was decided to record some songs in a new way. There are more interesting musical landscapes, ie Now this is not just a certain synth that helps a living instrument and a full-minus, which is already in on itself includes many different instruments and sounds. Learn more about check it on Naij.

And you yourselves like what happened?

Of course! New ideas are always pleasant.

The fact that you have written new songs, singles and albums go, you’ve just returned from a tour, points out that the group’s all good. Is this true?

Yes, all is well. There are problems to be solved, but they are always present. We are now, for example, looking for a new rehearsal, we think the idea of ​​the clip and then writing a full second album. So all is well, of course.

What are your future creative plans?

Well, that’s actually higher than they were. So a European tour in the spring, of course.

In general, what is your favorite song of Kirov?

I have to write this was “Lifelines”, now “The Switch”, electronic, too. Yes, generally, all four are now favorites (laughs).

You can ask a provocative question – under what music love doing?

The music is not specifically tried. I listen to music that really like is already perceived as more intimate process. I think it will worsen stremnovato.

And under its not try?

No, perish the thought (laughs).

Could your classmates to imagine that you will rock musicians?

I do not know. Little did I imagine that my classmates will be who they are. I think so. Hence they could.

And you do have an aversion to anyone?

Yes. We all also have an opinion. And it often does not match the others. But distaste, meaning, not aggressive, but as a rejection of one’s worldview. I try to look at things objectively, I try to understand people, no matter what nonsense they did not carry, because they themselves had something moving.

Comparison with what musicians you’ve heard?

Many interesting comparisons and contradictory. But we do not hide the groups that we ourselves enjoy. They said that we like and Deftones, and that there is something from Coldplay, and from Dredg and so on. Basically, all the comparisons flattering, though I may not agree with everything. From the Russian – with EIMIC and my rockets upwards. Those who heard the electronic tracks, compared with Four Tet, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Telefon Tel Aviv. Some even thought that’s Scooter.

And what kind of comparison you prefer?

Well, that list a pretty (laughs). The only thing to get, so that is what we are, an old friend, everyone is trying to assess how post-rock band. I really do not know where they heard it from us.