Oil Paintings

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Paintings … What a beautiful word – a living writing. It is an art form, where the visible comes alive on canvas with paint and brushes. No wonder artists are called creators, they create a miracle, filling our lives with beauty. Today we talk about oil painting. Painting, in this technique are characterized by their brightness, saturation and shiny surface. However, there is one drawback – oil paints long time to dry. Only need to be patient and you will succeed!

So, write “oil painting.” First of all, you must choose a basis. It can be a paper, cardboard, wooden boards and even glass or plastic. But, traditionally used canvas. It is best to take a medium-linen canvas, and if you are a beginner, buy a ready-made canvas – he stretched on a frame and primed. On the basis of defined, then we go to choose the paint. Oil paints are sold in tubes – very similar to a tube of toothpaste. You can just buy a set, which will provide the basic palette of colors: white (titanium, zinc), cadmium red, orange, yellow (ocher light, cadmium yellow), green (for example, chromium oxide, emerald, green earth, cobalt green) blue (this can be ultramarine, cobalt blue, cerulium), Brown (Van Dick, mars brown), black (grape, peach, or burnt bone). You can choose the colors one by one. Learn more about Joan Miro see arts.

Paint for a little squeezed onto the palette. It can be plastic, wood. Some artists use glass, but it is, for obvious reasons, it is dangerous! Plastic pallet is ready for use, and the wood, which is preferred by professional artists, needs some work. It needs to be impregnated with linseed oil, and then, after drying, lacquered. You can use regular furniture polish (PF). It creates a strong film and paint will not be absorbed.

Brush. For oil painting of various curry brush hair: weasel, Khor’kova, Barsukov from cow and pig hair, etc. Good bristle brush should be elastic, flexible, each hair must be a natural uncut tip of equal length. Brushes in different shapes. Flat, in the form of a spatula – fleytsy. These brushes are good for opening a big plane – the background, the sky, etc. Round brushes are well used to the modeling of forms and attention to detail. As a means of applying the paint is often used palette knife – a metal or plastic spatula. It is also necessary to clean the palette.

And a little more important. To dilute oil paints often use pinene or diluent number 4 and number 2 thinner or “tee”. Oiler – a small container, which is filled with diluent. It has special hardware and is worn on the palette. It is best to use a double nipple – in one compartment is filled diluent for writing, to another – for washing hands. We also need rags for wiping hands while working. And complete picture of the dried varnish. In this case you can use mastic, damarny, acrylic paints and pistachio. You can use a top coat for painting in aerosols.

Say a few words on an easel and sketchbook. Easel – machine, which is placed and fixed blade. It is very convenient, do not handle the canvas – you can get dirty, or canvas might just fall. Sketchbook – a wooden box on the three metal telescopic legs. It can put paint, brushes, thinner and even kartonochki for small sketches. Sketchbook can be used as an easel, it is convenient to take with you on the nature of writing, painting from life outdoors.

So, everything you need for oil painting you bought, start to create!