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No one in the world will not get rich from selling music. Interview with Kirov

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Kirov – the reincarnation of the project “The Same But 100 Times Better”, St. Petersburg post-rock band which lasted only a year. As a result of staff changes in time to take part TSB100TB many concerts there were session musicians for the evening.

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Ford Fiesta and rivals

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Home Ford Focus car assembly plant in Vsevolozhsk – is perhaps the most important automotive event last fall. It overshadowed all other news, including the start of sales in Russia other Ford models – Fiesta. But we could not leave the event without attention.

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Oil Paintings

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Paintings … What a beautiful word – a living writing. It is an art form, where the visible comes alive on canvas with paint and brushes. No wonder artists are called creators, they create a miracle, filling our lives with beauty. Today we talk about oil painting. Painting, in this technique are characterized by their brightness, saturation and shiny surface. However, there is one drawback – oil paints long time to dry. Only need to be patient and you will succeed!

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Culture of St. Petersburg

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Mariinsky teatrNa space of human history for 300 years – the age of St. Petersburg – not a long time. However, during this historically short time at St. Petersburg’s reputation was firmly established cultural capital of Russia. The city arose on the edge, we can say, on the border of the enormous Russian Empire at the entrance to the Baltic Sea. But from the moment when he conceived his Emperor Peter I founded it as the capital of the Russian state.

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Rules nightlife

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What, in your opinion, can unite the pilot and the waiter, the builder and the surgeon, fireman and musician? In addition, they are all people, and each of them has a job, they share also the fact that many of them have to work in the dark. Would you like to visit the place of these people and understand what work the night shift is different from the traditional “from 09.00 to 18.00?” And, perhaps, you are out of “Night Watch”? In any case, you will be interested to learn about all the rules of nightlife, including the rules and night work, which we’ll talk with Anna Kiryanova, philosopher, psychoanalyst.

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Right choice of hotel

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Any trip should start with planning. And the first thing you need to decide – what hotel is better to settle. This is a very difficult decision and the choice you have to be guided by the purposes for which you eat in an unfamiliar city or country you are.

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