Reforms in education are just beginning

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So start the new school year, and universities in Russia for the first time felt the fruits of education reform – a new generation of students came into the educational process. These are yesterday’s entrants who recently passed the Unified State Examination (USE) and its results were enrolled in higher educational institutions.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview that the system of education today is “in a state of transition.” The situation in the education sector is not as daunting as it was, say, in 90 years, but not flawless.

There are many issues that need to be addressed urgently. Experiment with the CSE found that the system of education, there are significant errors. So, this was the first time enrolled students according to a CSE. Most students were newly beneficiaries. For example, some departments RSUH number of students who came to the university on preferential basis, is about 40%. Moreover, the official conditions for admission to universities this year significantly increased the total number of applications of applicants for admission. For example, in the same RSUH by 970 vacant budget places claimed 75,000 entrants.

However, despite all the difficulties that have arisen as a result of the introduction of the exam, the Russian leadership believes that the experiment with the unified state exam a success. Dmitry Medvedev said that the new system showed the best of your features, almost all applicants, who this year to go to university, estimate it as “a good, effective and fair.” Learn more at

For his part, Education Minister Andrei Fursenko said that the government was able to build trust in a single state exam from the “educational community” in the country. Fursenko said that as a result of the EGE was obtained unique database in the system of national education. This is the information about the quality of training of school graduates on educational qualifications of teachers, appeared material for analysis of corrupt activities in the regional education systems. Now you need to work out all the errors, and to develop new effective strategies for improving the national school.

Expert opinion – the opposite. So, Oleg Sergeyev, who is an expert-Russian Foundation for Education, said that the USE – it is only a support system that will not affect the quality of education. The introduction of the Unified State Examination – is the wrong direction to reform our education system. The second problem of education in Russia, Oleg Sergeyev called “podushevnoe” school funding, that is, the allocation of funds for one child. As a result, due to the fact that rural and small schools were underfunded, their number has declined. This has caused a lower level of education.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that the country’s education is not enough “quality market”, but the national project “Education”, he considers it a success. The new system seems to help high school: increased salaries for teachers, special awards were established best teachers and best students, there was a re-class new technical means. Medvedev also stressed that the best universities of the country have received solid contributions from the budget of the new system of education. Now, the state has 1.8 trillion. rubles a year for education of the country. Education system does not need the money, as long as it was spent properly. However, the head of Moscow City Duma Commission on Education and Science Yevgeny Bunimovich figures that suggests the president, more than surprised. He said that about 50% of schools – rural, and their condition is not so favorable.

Andrei Kurbatov, who is a leading researcher of the Institute of the Department of Education of the Russian Academy of Education, said that the funding of education really is, but a significant amount of money deposited on the pockets of officials. The fact that much of the education authorities – the Ministry of Education and Science to the education departments in district centers, money goes to each of the agencies, and educational institutions only statute fixes responsibility for the spend. In principle, this means that the higher authorities do not have any liability. Andrei Kurbatov suggested that corruption in government – is, in fact, the principal obstacle to educational reform.

The experts also noted that the system of the educational reform is not a single course. On reforming the education system, we are already hearing of 20 years and a clear statement of how and what to do, and has not appeared. Evgeny Bunimovich indignantly stated that neither financial nor meaningful, nor structural change took place, but, nevertheless, all the talk about some reforms. There are only multidirectional transformation, for example, the national project “Education” and the exam, but it is not a complete reform.

It should be noted that the Russian government has experience of a systematic approach to the reform of education. The beginning of 2002 was marked by the approval of the Concept of modernization of Russian education by 2010. To date, little of this concept is embodied in reality. Assumption that education will become a profitable industry did not materialize. Andrei Kurbatov said that spending in the education sector only increase. Also, the concept was awarded a point that Russia should as soon as possible to become a leader in the export of technology in education, and everything happened exactly to the “reverse” – we have the leading position in the field of import. This is only abroad all spotless and the education system they have thorough, and no matter what we can not, we are all illiterate: which is only podushevnoe funding or a CT …