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What, in your opinion, can unite the pilot and the waiter, the builder and the surgeon, fireman and musician? In addition, they are all people, and each of them has a job, they share also the fact that many of them have to work in the dark. Would you like to visit the place of these people and understand what work the night shift is different from the traditional “from 09.00 to 18.00?” And, perhaps, you are out of “Night Watch”? In any case, you will be interested to learn about all the rules of nightlife, including the rules and night work, which we’ll talk with Anna Kiryanova, philosopher, psychoanalyst.

So, what is the difference between day and night?

Besides we all know the astronomical differences, different day from the night, and from the point of view of psychophysiology. At different times of the day awake or asleep different formation of the brain, different hormones are released into the blood. Unfavorable for night work. This will tell any specialist. Night – it is a dream, which is necessary for a person to rest, so that the brain was reconstructed and adapted to the conditions of life. Not by chance, the night shift are paid more, the people who work at night are entitled to additional leave, because sooner or later the disruption of normal biological rhythm necessarily lead to mental disorders, disorders, depression and so on. Work at night – nefiziologichno, so we can hardly find a person who would work with pleasure at this time of day.

Wait, how did the representatives of so-called creative professions, romance? After all, each known for their delicate relationship with the night, “Do not sleep, do not sleep artist …” – calls on Boris Pasternak …

Creative people therefore commit suicide at a young age, suffer from alcoholism, neuroses and psychoses early death from stroke. At night, people are really able to unleash the more your subconscious. Cortex brake – start to work and other parts of the formation of the brain. And one gets the creative impulse. But he is paying for it very badly it is no accident poets, writers and mystics lived, as a rule, very little, and their physiological quality of life was far from normal. Learn more about timber frame houses.

But despite the fact that working at night nefiziologichno, many still have to do it? How to ease the vigils and make health damage was minimal? – Turns out, it needs to make regular vigils …

If you really do have to work at night, you need to enter in a certain rhythm. That is, the night shift should, in fact, get into your body’s biorhythm. Nothing ruins your body as chaotic activity. I remind you that regime a clear day, even severe neuroses are treated – it removes anxiety and reduces fatigue.

How about a cup of coffee?

In no case should not use dope and exciting products, including coffee. It stimulates the nervous system. But after the excitement stage a stage of relaxation. Therefore, a burst of energy caused by the consumption of caffeine, lasts 2-3 hours, and then the person on the contrary has a weakness, lethargy, and either has to spur new and new dose of coffee, or dive into the deep physiological sleep. Now, many American stars are being treated for addiction to coffee, which is no less addictive than cigarettes and alcohol.

We all know the famous “Do not eat after six!”. Is it fair that commandment for night workers?

Can I eat? Naturally! When a person works, the consumption of calories quite different than when he was sleeping. Recommended to eat carbohydrates – they stimulate the activity of the brain – the tea with sugar, a piece of chocolate. The move is also necessary, but it is important not to overdo it: if we give ourselves the night the same exercise as the day we will not be able to work fully.

How to recover after a night shift?

Of course, sleep. But not once in the clothes flop down on the sofa, and make certain ritual. First of all, take a shower, you can even contrasting (but not in any way a bath – it can badly affect the blood vessels). After that, put on pajamas, straighten the bed, put out the fire (or draw the curtains) – remove the source of light and so on – that is, to produce a certain ritual. Everything that happens in order, planning – calms the nervous system, relieves anxiety, promotes activity and at the same time – sleep.

How long (how many years), you can work in night mode?

There are people with sleep problems that life can work at night. There are people who can not sleep – these cases are described in the literature. How long can you stay awake at night – probably for life. Only the quality of life deteriorates. It is believed that a person should go to midnight – only if he gets a good rest.