These different roses

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Probably not a man who would not love roses. It is a very ornamental plant, is striking in its beauty even residents of Assyria and Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome. Today, as before, the rosaries are an integral part of the garden design. Cultivated roses today are divided into several groups, representatives of which are beautiful in their own way. Let’s talk about them a little more.

“Garden” roses and ornamental hips – the most unpretentious of the family of roses. They do not require special preparation of the soil – perfect bloom on ordinary garden, put up as light sandy. Shrubs them quite powerful, but caring for them is simple: Just as the need to cut dead branches and rejuvenate old.

Among the “park” Rose highlights rose wrinkled with double flowers, arranged singly or in inflorescences. It has a pleasant fragrance, blooms profusely and continuously, gives the fruit orange, giving the plant an additional decoration. Distinguished from the general series and small-leaved rose: early flowering, tall shrub (up to 2 meters), disease resistance and exceptional ruggedness and frost resistance. Кстати, цены на цветы доставка Киев в наше время вполне доступные.

“Remontant” roses are good that bloom all summer and have large fragrant flowers of different colors. The soil is suitable for them ordinary garden. Frost-resistant varieties, but the winter still require a light cover, and in the spring – more cutting dry and old (over 3 years) shoots powerful bushes. In the modern garden “remontant” Rose is not used very widely.

“Hybrid Tea ‘roses – the most popular in modern garden design. They bloom in the middle zone of about 20 July and bloom for about a month, then “rest” for 20-30 days and bloom already to late autumn. “Hybrid Tea” roses are very decorative and bush and bole form, they are good for cutting, in the spectacular floral designs. They are grown for winter forcing in greenhouses. Flowers Hybrid Tea roses are extremely varied in shape and color. They are located at the ends of long, strong shoots singly or in small buds. Erect or spreading bush of roses need winter shelter, the soils are generally not picky.

“Hybrid-polyanthus’ roses have large flat flowers up to 7 cm in diameter, which are different stains and collected in small florets. Flowering lasts until late autumn. Rose bushes are erect this type of different height – they require for the winter hilling at 25-30 cm

Varieties of roses “floribunda” turned from the cross, “Hybrid Tea” roses “hybrid polyanthus.” They have elongated buds and beautiful form of fragrant flowers of various colors. By continuing abundant bloom until frost, flowered, winter hardiness and disease resistance are close to the “hybrid polyanthus’ roses.