What is MP3?

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MP3 (MPEG-1/2/2.5 Layer 3) – third format audio encoding MPEG; licensed file format for storing audio information. Not to be confused with MP3 MPEG-3. At the moment, MP3 is the most famous and popular of the popular formats of digital encoding of audio information with losses. It is widely used in file-sharing networks for the transmission of music. The format can be played in any modern operating system on almost any portable audio player, and is supported by all current models of music centers, and DVD-player.

In MP3 format uses a lossy compression algorithm designed to significantly reduce the amount of data needed to play the recording and playback quality is very faithful to the original (in the opinion of most students), while music fans talk about tangible difference. When you create a MP3 with an average bit rate of 128 kbit / s resulting in a file that is approximately 1/10 of the original file from an audio CD. MP3 files can be created with high or low bit rate, which affects the quality of the destination file. Learn more about mp3 downloads.

The principle of compression is to reduce the accuracy of some parts of the audio stream, which is practically indistinguishable to the ear of most people. This method is called the coding of perception. At the first step we construct a diagram of sound as a series of short periods of time, then it deletes the information is not discernible to the human ear, and the remaining information is stored in a compact form. This approach is similar to the compression method used in compression image format JPEG.