Why math in elementary school?

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The practical use of the study of mathematics in primary schools as well as in the development of most other subjects is limited. Knowledge necessary for life, are reduced to learning account, that is, the arithmetic, although the presence of many calculators seem to be able to count and no longer necessary. And even more so to study mathematics further when starting formulas, theorems, function charts, not to mention the trigonometry …
Why is the world of children continue to teach this difficult science?

Because of the use of mathematics is developing, Lomonosov’s still saying that it “leads the mind in order.” Mathematics forms the child’s thinking, develops logic, analytical ability, the ability to draw conclusions, trains memory, imagination, and so on. Learn more at http://growing-stars.net/.

In any modern general education mathematics occupies a central place, which certainly speaks about the uniqueness of the art.
What is modern mathematics? Why is it necessary?

These and similar questions are often asked teachers to children. And each time, the answer will be different depending on the child’s development and learning needs.

It is often said that mathematics – the language of modern science. However, it appears that this statement has a significant defect. Language of mathematics spread so widely and so often is effective precisely because mathematics can not be reduced to it.

Outstanding domestic mathematician AN Kolmogorov wrote: “Mathematics is not just one of the languages. Mathematics – the language, plus the reasoning is like a language and logic together. Mathematics – a tool for reflection. It focused results of exact thinking of many people. With the help of mathematics can associate one argument to another. The apparent complexity of nature … with its strange laws and regulations, each of which allows for a very detailed explanation of the individual, in fact, closely related. However, if you do not want to use mathematics, this great variety of facts you do not see the logic used to switch from one to another. ”

Thus, mathematics allows you to create some form of thinking needed to study the world around us.

Currently, increasingly becoming the disproportion between the extent of our knowledge and understanding of the nature of man, his mind, thinking processes. WW Sawyer in the book “Prelude to Mathematics,” says: “You can teach students to solve a lot of types of problems, but the real satisfaction comes only when we are able to give our students not only the knowledge and flexibility of mind, which would give them the opportunity to further not only decide, but also to set new goals. ”

Of course, there are certain boundaries that must not be forgotten that much is determined by innate ability and talent. However, one can point to a set of factors that depend on education. This makes it extremely important to properly assess the huge unused capacity more education in general and mathematics in particular.

Our education system is set up so that for many school provides one-of-a-lifetime opportunity to join the mathematical culture, learn the values ​​enclosed in mathematics.